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Spanish Full Monty Viewing Guide

Viewing Guide
Please note

While Spanish Full Monty has taken the utmost care in the preparation of these guide lines, they should only be used as guidance and are in no way rules for viewing property with us.

  • I want to buy a property in spain
  • Before you book your flight
  • Accomodation
  • When you arrive
  • General information

I want to buy a property in Spain

So you have decided to purchase a property in Spain for either a holiday home or a permanent move. The following tips are intended to help you have a successful viewing experience that will lead you to purchase the right property.

If you are buying a holiday home, think of the things that will be important whilst you are staying in it ie…

Do you want to be close to nightlife, beach, bars etc? No point viewing 20 apartments that have a bar above, below or next door if you want peace and quiet.
Do you want to be able to walk to the beach or is a 10 minute car ride ok?

Do you want to be inland, experiencing a touch of real Spain? If this is for you, do you want a busy large town with lots of things going on or a more rural village with a laid back daily lifestyle?

If your move is permanent, some of the things people forget to mention can have a big impact on the type of property they end up viewing. For instance, if you have children who need to go to school here, you need to be within a reasonable distance of a village or town. No good buying a beautiful villa at the top of a mountain if its going to take you an hour to get the kids to school and the trip is 4 times a day! (Unless of course, you are happy to spend all that time driving). If you are bringing a vintage car and a very large garage is a ‘must’ – no point in viewing 7 properties that don’t have any garage let alone a big one!

These are just a few examples, but they are things we have come across that are important to the purchaser and can make the difference between a successful days viewing or a total disaster. Think what is really important, no matter how trivial it may seem and let us know about it.

Before you book your flight

When scheduling your flight, make sure the dates do not coincide with a national or local fiesta. Unless you just want to do sightseeing. It is very difficult to schedule with property vendors if they are i.e.: not in their home, not in their offices or are using their properties for the fiestas to entertain their family and friends.

To check if it’s a local fiesta consult your dates with us.

According with the type and amount of property you want to view please consider packing comfortable footwear. (Strappy stilettos don’t work in gravelled gardens or orange groves.)

We do have rain in Spain sometimes, so please always check the local weather reports according to the date you want to schedule.

Let us know if we can help you arrange accommodation.

Let us know if you will be renting a car or if you will need to be driven around during your viewing outings. Some clients prefer to follow in their own car, others prefer us to drive them.

Ask us to send you directions to our office if you’re driving from the airport, or your accommodation.

Provide us with a contact telephone number you will be using while in Spain.

Please inform us if you have any illness or disability that we need to take into consideration, as well as if you need time to take medication during your viewings.

Please inform us if you are travelling with children.


Before you book your accommodation, find out where we are to the nearest airport.
If you have chosen a number of properties before you booked your flight enquire as to the area these properties are in it may help to pin point the right location to look for accommodation. For example if everything you want to view is between the towns of Ontinyent and Olleria, there is no point booking a B&B in Javea. (Unless you dont mind driving for an hour or so just to get here!)

If you need two or more days to view it means that apart from having to drive around to view the properties you need to allow for an extra hours drive back to your hotel and then an hour the next day to get back to the area you’re viewing.

Ask us about the area and we will happily help you find the right accommodation.

If you come to view in the winter bear in mind some B&B’s are large rural villas, enquire as to whether they have central heating as it can get chilly in the winter.
If you come in the summer it is also advisable to ask for air conditioning as the temperature can go up to 45ºC.

When you arrive

Please get in touch with us if there has been any alteration in your travel itinerary so we can make arrangements. Especially if you are viewing the same day you arrive.

Restrict the properties you want to view to 4 or 5 a day. You need to allow time for travel and refreshments. You also need to be able to take in a lot of information and in our experience more than 5 at a time is too much.

We will provide you with photos and write outs of the properties, but please consult us first if you wish to take photos with your own cameras. If you are driving a rented car always carry spare cash, if you are fined for speeding or any other traffic infraction you will be asked to pay on the spot or your rented car will be towed away. Fines are usually between 100 and 150€ but can be more if the car is actually towed away. If you park in a prohibited area the fines are usually between 35 and 100€ and again your car could be towed away.
The prohibited areas are called VADO PERMANENTE they’re not like out typical double yellow lines, you need to look at the wall on either side of the garage door or shop front to see the sign that is usually red and yellow.

General Information

One thing to remember is that buying a property abroad is similar in some respects to buying in your own country. When buying in the UK you wouldn’t normally go and view 100 properties. Usually you would look at the Estate Agents flyers that they put in the post to you or go through images on the internet and whittle it down to a few that fit your criteria. It is the same when you purchase abroad. If it is essential for you to have a garage and you are not going to buy a property that hasn’t got one, then there is no point in viewing 10 properties that don’t have garages. It will leave you disappointed and frustrated especially if you are only here for a short time and it is wasted on viewing unsuitable property.

Things that are important to you are also important to us to ensure we show you the right property. Tell us what you need, and particularly tell us the things that you must have. For example, if you ‘must’ have a landline phone with broadband internet and any other substitution wont do, then it is not worth viewing property that doesn’t have it or cant have it. If you’re not the gardening type and have no intensions of doing any farming, it’s pointless for us to take you to view properties that have more than 1000m2 of land or so. 5000m2 of orange groves can look stunning but it’s an all year round job taking care of them, not to mention the expense they can generate if you don’t know what products to use for them and have to pay someone else to manage them for you.
We try to profile our clients by what they tell us so that they are only shown property that is suitable and are not left feeling disappointed at the end of the day of viewing. So please remember the things that are important to you are important to us….. tell us, we need to know.

Moving to another country to live permanently or just buying a holiday home should be an enjoyable experience. We aim to help you all the way through and offer you a full after sales service. We issue this guide in the hope that it will help you to enjoy the whole experience and avoid disappointment.


Spanish Full Monty wishes you happy house-hunting.

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